Full Mouth Restoration

A full mouth restoration involves the process of restoring or rebuilding all teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. As you can imagine, these complex problems require comprehensive solutions that commonly require the input and treatment of other dental specialists. We will consult other dental specialists to plan treatment in a multidisciplinary team approach to improve all aspects of your treatment outcome.

x-ray of teeth post extraction of older dentures
Implants planning for full mouth restoration

Post Implants x-ray
Reconstructed teeth to be used on the patient
Full mouth restorated teeth

First Visit

Evaluation by a restorative dentist/prosthodontist commonly is the first step. They will carefully examine your mouth to determine the severity of the problem and determine your treatment options. They will pay special attention to your teeth and a vision of your final restorations since this step will determine the procedures that will be needed. They will look for tooth wear and decay, as well as periodontal and gum health, root canal issues, teeth size, shape, proportions, and color, bite relationship, aesthetics, and more. They will examine your bite for stability, pain on opening, closing, and function, and wear of your teeth and joints. This is always necessary as a baseline examination prior to other recommendations.

Records will be necessary including photographs, x-rays of your mouth, and impressions of both the upper and lower teeth. These may now be taken using a 3D imaging device. Once all the necessary information is obtained to serve you properly, a detailed treatment plan will be developed to correct the problems that were found during the examination(s). Discussions may be necessary with endodontists (root canal specialists), periodontists (gum specialists), orthodontists (braces/Invisalign®), and our oral and maxillofacial surgery office.

What Procedures Might Be Needed?

Only a personalized assessment can highlight what procedures need to be done for your specific situation. However, other treatments can be available as alternatives for certain procedures. We'll make sure to discuss this with you thoroughly so we can make the best choices for your case.

Most full mouth reconstructions have many phases and appointment visits. Treatments can be over an extended period, but the result makes the process worth it. Estimated treatment time can be discussed during your assessment. It's not a set time since other situations can present themselves throughout the process.

Schedule Your Consultation

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