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Digital X-ray of a jaw with a Ameloblastoma MandibleNew York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery can provide the necessary information you need regarding digital x-ray, its uses, how it benefits you, and if it's the best treatment option for you presently.

Digital x-ray is also known as digital radiography and uses x-ray sensitive plates or sensors, which help to capture data during the process of examining the patient. Such data is transferred wirelessly. These plates or sensors transform x-ray light with the help of thin film transistors into digital data. Digital imaging is one of the most advanced technological developments in the medical/dental industry in recent years.

How It Works

The process begins with the usual x-ray source and image sensor plates of different sizes. If a small dental radiograph is necessary, a small 2-inch sensor may be used in your mouth. If a panoramic radiograph or a Cone Beam scan is necessary, we have dedicated digital x-ray machines for those radiographs. You may be seated or standing when these x-rays are taken. Regardless of the type of digital x-ray, the basic technology is very similar. The x-ray image is picked up by an image intensifier plate and converted into the x-ray images we see by software applications. Your x-ray image is always taken with the minimum amount of radiation necessary. The image will be able to be viewed by your oral surgeon immediately. No processing or waiting is necessary.

Advantages of Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays offer several advantages over analog or conventional film. This has made the transition to digital x-ray imaging very fast. Our patients expect us to use modern technology in our practice; going digital is one of the viable ways we can provide unparalleled treatment and expert advice to them.

X-Ray Image Enhancement

With digital x rays, the exposure of each image can be controlled in real time. Images can be enlarged and made lighter or darker according to demand. This process contributes to a faster diagnosis and better treatment.

Higher Quality Care

Digital x-rays allow us to evaluate and treat patients with minimal exposure to x-rays. With digital x rays, we can better diagnose conditions and provide appropriate treatment. This enables us to provide the best possible standard of care.

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