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If you would like any information regarding what to expect after implant placement, please do not hesitate to contact us at New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery. Whether you wish to use dental implants to replace missing teeth or simply as a base for implant-supported dentures, our friendly team and surgeons are here to make sure that you get the most extensive information when making your decision.

Close up image of a patient's teeth with one missing tooth


X-ray of single tooth dental implant

X-ray of single tooth implant

A patient's teeth after implant placement


Before having dental implants placed, our team will discuss all options with you. We will also ask you questions about your medical and dental health. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. While most people are candidates for dental implants, we will advise whether or not they are for you.

What to Expect after Dental Implant Surgery

There are several things that you can expect after your dental implants have been placed. As with most minor operations, you may experience some bruising, pain, and swelling in your gums and face. In some cases, there can also be bleeding in the gums. You may be advised by our surgical team to maintain a diet of softer foods in the days after surgery because there is less chewing involved, and it may be more comfortable for you. This can also help the site to heal more quickly. You will have to keep up with your daily oral care routine of brushing and flossing. You should gently rinse your mouth with warm water, after you eat, to keep the site clean and minimize food debris. After surgery you will be given detailed verbal and written care instructions. We will see you one week after surgery then one or two more times during the 2-3month healing period.

There are some rare problems that may arise after surgery. Infection is a possibility in all minor surgeries. Look out for unusual swelling or drainage associated with the surgical site. This may progress to greater problems if left untreated. Injury to the teeth, blood vessels, nerves, and sinuses are also a risk of dental implants. Your surgeon will discuss your individual anatomy and case at length with you at the consultation prior to surgery. We feel very strongly that you should be educated, informed, and have all of your questions answered, as much as possible, prior to any procedure we perform.

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There are alternatives to dental implants. You may opt for either partial or complete dentures instead. Dentures rest against your gums without the stabilization of dental implants. Although not always necessary if a partial or complete denture is planned, dental implants can be used as a support for patients who do not have enough bone in the jaw after tooth extractions for dentures to be comfortable and stable. Your dentist and oral surgeon will discuss your options with you.

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It is important to care for your implants and take the necessary steps after the surgery to ensure that they are kept in good condition. To discuss the specifics of your individual needs or aftercare plan following your dental implant placement, give us a call at New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery at (914) 768-8220, and we will be more than happy to give you any advice and assistance you may need.

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Before having dental implants placed, our team at NYOMIS Oral Surgery will discuss all options with you. Call (914) 768-8220 today! Located at 495 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, NY.
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