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A dental assistant taking 3D x-ray of a woman at New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery.New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery has invested a lot in dental technology to ensure our patients get the right information from us and reach their oral health goals within a short time, and conveniently too! One of the numerous ways we do this is through our 3D cone beam scanner.

What Is a 3D Cone Beam Scanner?

It's a relatively new concept in the dentistry profession that allows our oral surgeons to view well-defined and clear images of the teeth, bones, and surrounding tissues in a three-dimensional pattern. The x-ray beam takes the shape of a cone contrary to conventional CT scans that utilize a fan-shaped x-ray beam. The beam captures about 600 bits of information about your mouth, and the data is then analyzed by software and assembled in a three - dimensional view. It's mostly used in situations where dental x-rays are not enough. However, it's not used routinely because of the higher radiation exposure from the scanner. The images that it generates provide a platform for more precise planning and treatment options.

3D Cone Beam Uses

3D cone beam is mostly used in the treatment of orthodontic problems and other complex dental issues such as jawbone, nasal cavity, and nerve canals evaluation, dental implants placement, surgical planning and determining the root cause of tooth pain.

3D Cone Beam Procedure

During a 3D cone beam examination, the gantry or C-arm moves around the head as it captures different images from several angles and moves in a 360-degree rotation. The images captured are arranged into a single 3D image.

The detector and x-ray source rotate in unison as they are both positioned on the opposite sides of the gantry. The detector produces between 150 to 200 high-resolution 2D images. These images are then transformed digitally into a 3D image, which provides our oral surgeon precise and valuable information about your oral health.

What You Should Expect from a 3D Cone Beam

While in the examination room, you will be asked to sit and will be positioned in a manner where the area to be examined will be directly pointed to the beam. You will have to remain still as the detector moves around you in a 360-degree rotation style. The entire process takes about 10-20 seconds to complete.

How You Should Prepare for a 3D Cone Beam

Generally, a 3D cone beam examination does not need any special preparation. However, you will need to remove anything such as metal objects, eyeglasses, jewelry, and other fashion items that may interfere with the imaging process. Pregnant women need to inform our oral surgeon about their condition before the examination to enable the use of our discretion on the best option for them.

The results will be analyzed by our oral surgeon, who may interpret them to you directly during a consultation visit or relate them to your referring physician. If you have any questions on the effectiveness of 3D cone beam, kindly call us New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery at (914) 768-8220 to get more information.

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