Drugs to avoid before tooth extractions

Posted on 9/5/2022 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
Drugs to avoid before tooth extractionsSpecific measures and precautions are taken before tooth extractions to minimize risks such as blood losses or reactions that can happen during surgical procedures that can be risky to the patient's health. Certain drugs are not permissible before tooth extraction; an individual should know before surgery.

Anticoagulants or blood thinners

These drugs are not permitted to be taken by an individual before tooth extraction since they contain inhibitory effects on blood clotting. Such drugs include heparin.

Pain relievers or anti-inflammatories

They have the same inhibitory effects on blood clotting as blood thinners. Examples include ibuprofen and aspirin. Users take these drugs to control minor discomforts such as tooth pain and headaches or anti-inflammatory help in joint and muscle aches.

Nutritional and dietary supplements

Dentists do not encourage taking nutritional supplements such as vitamins and dietary supplements before tooth removal. Furthermore, they contain blood-thinning properties that, if accepted, may risk the individual's life. However, the dentist should guide the patient on the drug intake during tooth removal before and after.

Chemotherapy drugs

Patients should avoid Chemotherapy drugs before tooth removal. Furthermore, these drugs may result in the lower circulation of platelets in the patient's body during tooth removal. However, the patient should consult the assigned dentist to know how the teeth will be removed based on their chemotherapy sessions.


Individuals who are frequent takers of this drug may develop acute adrenal insufficiency during high-stress levels, especially during tooth removal. Therefore, consultations with the dentists and medical doctors can allow them to be prescribed steroid supplementation before the surgical procedure for their body system to respond to the stress level experienced during this procedure. Generally, the patient must present and notify his dentist of all medications and supplements to manage and prevent risky situations during tooth removal.

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