Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Posted on 7/18/2022 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
Medical Emergencies in the Dental OfficeAn emergency is a condition that requires immediate attention. It is something that cannot wait and they happen in all places. Dentists should be trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills to work such problems calmly. Successful emergency handling requires patient management and understanding the problem to keep it under control.

Emergency Preparation

Emergencies can happen anytime. People get heart attacks every day and the response to such is what really matters. Dentists are required to be prepared with the necessary information about the patients. Patient treatment history should be well documented and updated. The history will allow the dentist to make better assessments of the patient. If the patient is unstable they should be transferred to a dental hospital.

Training is very important for any dentist and personnel working .There should be team analysis for dealing with emergency situations .Assessment protocols should be put in place so that they all understand their roles during emergency situations. Having a light and handy emergency kit is vital for such cases. Emergency drills should be performed regularly and unexpectedly to keep people alert and ready for anything. Dentists should participate in programs and emergency routine trainings.

Emergency equipment and drugs should readily available. The maintenance of such instruments is crucial for when an emergency happens. Physical stock taking of the drugs is necessary to keep all required equipment ready. Oxygen cylinders are necessary during emergency situations. There should be a ready pack of syringes and needles for drug administration. Bag masks that have oxygen should be ready and maintained properly. Basic airway adjuncts and blood pressure measuring equipment should be available. Devices that administer Salbutamol such as spacer devices should be ready.

Emergency situations may arise from different kinds of situations in the dental office. Dentists should be prepared to deal with such situations with a calm mind. The situations may be fast and decisions should be made quickly. Constant training and assessment on these emergency situations is necessary for a good dentist.
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