What are the reasons to get a full mouth reconstruction.

Posted on 6/6/2022 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
What are the reasons to get a full mouth reconstruction.Many people struggle with conditions like tooth loss, severe tooth decay and damaged teeth; there is no need to live with embarrassment as one can get reconstructive mouth surgery which improves one's self-esteem. For one to get a mouth reconstruction, they should consult the dentist. The dentist helps the patient understand the treatment and the process they will take. If a dentist prescribes a full mouth reconstruction, a patient might feel nervous, but this is an essential process for the smile and health.

What factors determine the length of the procedure.

It is difficult to determine how long the process will take for any patient. However, the following factors are considered; the severity of the condition determines how long the process takes. To view a full mouth reconstruction, the first process is visiting the dentist.

The dentist also considers the general health and records of the patient's health condition. The other factor that is regarded as the needs of the patient. The process can take a few months; if the patient needs an extensive reconstruction, the process can take 6-12 months to complete the process.

How the reconstruction process begins.

When a patient needs mouth repair, they will not only benefit from a complete reconstruction as there is a lot of repairing and rebuilding, which happens to make the teeth grow stronger and healthier. The improvement and the rebuilding require advanced dental procedures like dental extractions; there is a need to remove decayed and destroyed teeth, teeth whitening if the patient needs the teeth to be whiter. A whitening process is considered; complete and partial dentures can be replaced if there are missing teeth. The good thing about dentures is that they are removable. Dental inlays and on lays can also be placed.
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