Infection Control and Sterilization

Posted on 2/21/2022 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
Infection Control and SterilizationOne of the most effective ways to treat your dental problems is by coming to see a dentist, who has the knowledge and expertise to manage a range of dental problems. Some dental conditions will require surgery such as a problematic wisdom tooth, bone grafting, a badly decayed tooth that requires extraction, and dental implants. Even if a dental procedure does not require surgery, dentists need to make sure that they maintain a high standard of cleanliness to prevent infections.

At our practice, we use sophisticated and modern techniques, to sterilize our equipment to prevent the spread of infections. We understand that a facility that has excellent infection control procedures will avoid passing infections to their clients.

Sterilization of dental tools

Since dentists work with tools that many times are reused, we need to ensure that we properly clean our equipment. This equipment touches on a patient's mouth, which is a hotbed for bacteria, necessitating the need to kill any form of micro life that may be left after a dental procedure. This will ensure that our patients do not get infections from a previous patient who visited the facility.

The sterilization process

The process involves the elimination of bacteria, and it takes place immediately after a dental procedure and before it touches another patient. Our dentist can use dry heat sterilization, ethylene oxide gas, and steam sterilization.

Visit our facility

Our dentists follow standard protocol procedures to effectively control infections at the workplace, and in the process ensure safety for our patients. We understand that this is important to maintain your good health, while you recover from your dental problem. Call us for a consultation and to book an appointment for the treatment of your dental condition.
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