Minimizing the Trauma of a Tooth Extraction

Posted on 12/23/2021 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
Minimizing the Trauma of a Tooth ExtractionIt is evident that teeth are a very important part of your mouth. They are needed in speaking, eating, smiling, and many other crucial functions. Having a clean set of teeth will help make a perfect first impression. You can achieve a good smile by maintaining good oral hygiene and coming in regularly for professional dental cleaning. However, sometimes, dental issues might arise, causing the need for tooth extractions. Tooth extractions are usually our last option after we try every possible option to save your tooth. Getting your tooth extracted can be very traumatic. This is why we put several measures in place to help minimize the trauma.

Tooth Extraction Trauma

Tooth extraction might cause trauma to every part of your mouth, including your gums and surrounding tissues. Luckily, there are several ways we will help limit the trauma to your gums. The most common way we do so is by using a local anesthetic that keeps you calm. It also helps keep your gums numb, reducing the trauma. Furthermore, our professionals are careful not to damage your gum tissues during the surgery. Poorly done tooth extraction procedures can not only be painful but also cause excessive trauma to your gums. They also prolong the healing process after surgery.

In most cases, you will experience tenderness after undergoing a tooth extraction procedure. You might also experience mild swelling, slight bleeding, and light discomfort within the first few days. Also, how fast you recover from a tooth extraction procedure depends on your habits. It is recommended that you eat soft foods during the first few days after getting your tooth extracted. This is because hard foods could damage the healing wound and cause bleeding. You should also practice good oral hygiene. Contact our offices for more information on managing the trauma of tooth extraction.
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