Consequences of Not Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Posted on 12/10/2021 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
Consequences of Not Replacing Your Missing ToothWhen you lose your tooth, you lose more than the aesthetics of a complete smile. Losing one or more of your teeth has also an impact on your overall dental health. Therefore, you must replace your missing tooth as early as possible to prevent any complications. We have compiled some of the consequences of not replacing your missing tooth on time.

Increased Chances of Getting An Infection

Gum disease ranks top as the leading cause of tooth loss, as it deteriorates and weakens the gum tissues. The chances of gum disease and bacterial infection continue to increase even after losing your tooth. Having an empty dental socket allows the collection of food particles and bacteria. Normal brushing may not completely remove these food particles. The space left by the lost tooth also creates an opportunity for bacteria to attack the exposed adjacent teeth.

Teeth Misalignment

When you bite, your teeth exert pressure on their adjacent teeth. Therefore, there is a dependency on the adjacent teeth to keep all of your dentures in check and your soft gum tissue intact. When you lose a tooth, the adjacent tooth drifts inwards to the space left by the missing tooth. Not replacing your missing tooth leads may lead to crowding.

Deteriorating Gums and Jawbone

Your gums and jawbone need support from the roots of your teeth. Tooth roots stimulate your jawbone when performing the chewing and biting motions, allowing it to remain strong and healthy. Without tooth roots, your body starts to reabsorb the jawbone and gum tissues. This leads to the diminishing of your jawline and facial collapse.

Replacing your missing tooth is critical to your oral health and the improvement of your appearance. If you are looking to have your tooth replaced, we got you covered. Please contact us today and get your tooth fixed.

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