What You Need To Know About Bone Resorption

Posted on 10/25/2021 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
What You Need To Know About Bone ResorptionThroughout our lives, our bones continuously remodel by removing old bones through a process known as resorption. During bone remodeling, we will place new bone material at the required sites. However, when bone resorption happens faster than the replacement rate, decreased bone mass can put us at higher risks for breakage and fractures. In our mouths, our jaws are the ones that are mostly affected by this natural process.

How Bone Remodeling Works

There are two types of cells responsible for bone remodeling. The first is the osteoclast which breaks down old bones before delivering them to our bloodstream. We call this process resorption. The second cell is the osteoblasts which are responsible for bone rebuilding where reinforcement is necessary.
In dentistry, bone remodeling is a crucial process that comes in handy during teeth realignment. Ossification and resorption are responsible for the strengthening and movements of our teeth when you put them in new positions.

Common Jaw Bone Loss Symptoms

Although it is hard to detect jaw bone loss during the early stages, some symptoms indicate red flags for jaw bone loss. Such symptoms include lips sinking inwards, wrinkle around your mouth, discomfort when chewing, changes in your facial structure, loosening or shifting of your teeth, increased difficulty in speaking, and changes in your bite.

Other common symptoms include jaw pain, facial pain, and headaches. Jaw loss can make it impossible or difficult to replace teeth through dentures or implants. To successfully perform these procedures, our professionals will first perform a bone graft.

Jaw Bone Loss Treatment Options

The treatment options available for those with jaw bone loss hugely depend on what is causing it. To determine the best treatment option for your condition, our professionals will examine you to determine where abnormal resorption occurs. Please schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to help you choose the best treatment option for jaw bone loss.

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