How to Recognize an Impacted Canine

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Andrew Horowitz, DMD, MD, FACS
How to Recognize an Impacted CanineThe canine teeth' location on either side of the front teeth makes them the cornerstone of your smile. These teeth also aid in creating a stable and functional bite. Given that they erupt after the incisors, they are at a higher risk of getting impacted due to inadequate room. Tumors could also result in impacted canines, but this is a rare case. An impacted canine may be entirely hidden under the gums, or a part of it may erupt.

Signs of an Impacted Canine

Impacted canines are common in children, but they should clear by the time a child turns 12 years. They are characterized by the failure to erupt after a child loses their baby tooth. An impacted canine may also occur if the mouth does not have enough space for an erupting tooth, either due to genetics or dental treatment.

Pain is a less common symptom of an impacted tooth, but it will manifest in some people when they open their mouth to bite or chew food. Other signs that may indicate an impacted canine include red, swollen, and bleeding gums. You may also have bad breath accompanied by a bad taste in your mouth. These symptoms will usually vary and may come and go over weeks or even months.

What to Do if Your Child has an Impacted Canine

If you suspect that your child has an impacted canine, you should schedule a checkup with us for further examination. During your appointment, we will conduct an X-ray to diagnose and identify the impacted canine. If you are experiencing pain from the impacted tooth, we may recommend extraction upon further tests. Alternatively, we may fit braces to open spaces and allow proper eruption of adult teeth. We may also recommend extraction where the impacted canine may negatively impact your other teeth. For more details on impacted canines, contact our office today.
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