Sinus Lifts Help with More Than Just Dental Implants

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Andrew Horowitz, DMD, MD, FACS
Sinus Lifts Help with More Than Just Dental Implants A sinus lift, also known as a sinus augmentation, was designed to add bone mass to the upper part of the jaw. Extra bone mass may be necessary due to the close proximity between the sinus cavity and the jaw. There may not be enough room to insert the implant post for the dental implant without lifting the sinuses.

If a sinus lift is added, and bone mass is increased and there may be enough room between the sinuses and the jaw to insert the dental implant without damaging the sinus cavity. If a patient does not have enough bone height for an implant, the sinus lift will aide in that as well, and make a dental implant a reality. In addition to dental implants, sinus lifts have other benefits.

Benefits of Sinus Lifts

If a patient has suffered from periodontal disease, a sinus lift could benefit them. Sometimes these patients lose a large amount of their jawbone as a result of the disease. Bone loss could be restored with a sinus lift. Interestingly, the sinus lift generally uses bone from your mouth, hip, or tibia.

The jawbone holds your facial structure together. If bone were added to the upper jaw using a sinus lift procedure, it may improve the facial structure of a patient. With this increased definition, the appearance of the patient may improve as well their confidence.

A sinus lift is aptly named as the aim of the procedure is to lift the sinus membrane. This treatment has become common over the last fifteen years and we have seen several different types of patients benefit. Contact our office to inquire more about sinus lifts. We want to help make dental implants a reality. Also, a sinus lift may be the best way to achieve your new smile.

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