What is the Process for a Root Canal?

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Andrew Horowitz, DMD, MD, FACS
What is the Process for a Root Canal?Just hearing the words root canal can send some people heading for the hills. The process of years gone by is not the same one performed today. The root canal procedure has been streamlined since the first time it was performed. It is done in a pain-free setting to keep the patient comfortable. It typically takes two appointments to complete but that could change depending upon the individual circumstances.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

When patients are experiencing serious pain, they may need a root canal procedure. It is considered one of the most common preventative surgeries performed.

The first step involves completely removing the decayed tissue around the teeth, removing plaque and tartar from all the tooth surfaces. In certain instances, the interior tooth pulp or dentin can become infected. Numbing the tooth and gums with local anesthesia, a dental dam will be used to keep the area both dry and clean.

At that point, drills are used to expose the interior of the tooth so the infection can be completely removed. It is important to remove all of it or the infection can continue to spread to other teeth potentially causing widespread tooth loss. Once the interior of the tooth is cleaned out and all infection and decay are removed a malleable substance is forced into the interior of the tooth. A temporary filling can be used at that time if a crown is unavailable.

Recovery Time for Root Canal

It is important to follow aftercare guidelines to make sure the tooth and root canal remain healthy. Brushing and flossing need to continue to maintain oral cavity health. It will keep the bacteria from attacking the tooth again. Root canals are considered permanent as long as the tooth is properly cared for and a high level of oral cavity health is maintained.

We can help to discuss the process of a root canal when you come to see us. Please call us today!
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