Oral health challenges

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Andrew Horowitz, DMD, MD, FACS
Oral health challengesMany people are unable to achieve a perfect smile or optimal oral health and do not know where to seek assistance. If you are in a position where you feel your oral health is hindering your overall well-being you can visit our clinic where you will get a caring and passionate team of dental experts that are always ready to offer care and treatment. We personalize treatment plans according to the needs of the patient to ensure effective treatment and recovery. We also advise our clients regarding oral health challenges and how to overcome each.


Halitosis is bad breath, and it is considered a serious threat to your oral health. When you have a bad mouth odor, it could be a pointer for an underlying dental health condition such as cavities developing. You need to get your teeth checked by our dentist to determine why you have bad breath. This will be an important first step to improving your dental health.

Tooth Decay and Cavity

Tooth decay and cavities are mainly caused by adopting poor dental hygiene practices and eating sugary and acidic foods. The acid in your mouth erodes the enamel reaching the dentine, and this usually becomes the start of a challenging time because if left unchecked, you can lose your tooth. You should brush more often to prevent cavities from developing.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are another major oral health challenge. Missing teeth can be due to facial trauma, tooth extraction, or poor dental practices. With missing teeth, you will be unable to achieve a bright smile, and also your eating, chewing, and speaking will be affected.

Get Urgent Dental Care

If you have any of the above challenges, you can visit for immediate treatment. The faster you seek medical attention will be important in preventing further progression of the oral health challenge. Call to book an appointment and talk to a professional.
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