You Could Grow Your Own Bone and Tissue Grafts

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Andrew Horowitz, DMD, MD, FACS
You Could Grow Your Own Bone and Tissue GraftsSome people need implants, but do not have enough tissue or bone to support them. However, you can still grow your own bone and tissue grafts so you can have implants placed. We are familiar with bone grafting, as it is a common procedure for preparing the mouth for implant placement.

Why You May Need Bone Grafting

Bone loss can occur for one or more reasons, including missing teeth, trauma or injury, or from periodontitis. Bone grafting or regenerative bone surgery is used to replace the bone and soft tissue by promoting the body's natural process of re-growing lost tissue. If you need dental implants but your jawbone will not support the prostheses, regrowth of the bone can be stimulated to prepare for implant placement.

Is Growing Bone Grafts or Bone Grafting a Regular Procedure?

Growing your own bone is completely natural, even if it may sound a bit sci-fi. To graft bone, we remove bone from another area in the mouth and implant it at the bone loss site. In turn, the body uses the implanted bone to regenerate new bone, which, over time, fuses to the jaw and integrates with the existing bone. The process, which can be done under local anesthesia, is considered a low-risk process that often leads to successful placements of implants. The recovery time varies, depending on the amount of bone loss and the location where the graft is performed. This type of process offers an amazing way for the body to rebuild the bone in the jaw so you can receive implants at a later date.

Would you like to know more about bone and tissue grafting? If so, give us a call to see if bone grafting is the right procedure to choose. We will screen, x-ray, and diagnose the amount of bone loss and go over the procedure in-depth. If you feel you could benefit from getting implants but do not have sufficient bone to accommodate them, you can find a solution by taking advantage of today's bone regenerating technologies.

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