Understanding How a Cleft Lip Gets Repaired

Posted on 9/21/2020 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
Understanding How a Cleft Lip Gets RepairedEven though the problem of a cleft lip many not be nearly as common as it was even a few decades ago, the fact remains that they still occur regularly and are something that needs a comprehensive and early treatment in order to be properly corrected. While the procedure to fix this problem has become highly refined and precise, it is also true that no two cases are exactly the same, meaning that the oral surgeon must be both skilled and versatile in their efforts. Here are a few facts about the process and what it entails:

Basic Overview

The procedure usually takes place over the course of a few to several different stages, depending on the severity and type of deformation. The first stage consists of molding the palate area and lip together as to allow for proper alignment and shape at the next stage when the lip is addressed through surgical means. Once that has been completed, the lip will be repaired using whichever method is deemed most effective, usually a rotation advancement repair.

Follow Up Procedures and Treatments

Again, depending on how serious and complex the particular case might be, other follow up procedures may be necessary. This includes such techniques as palatal expansions, bone grafts, cosmetic surgeries, as well as various orthodontic strategies as the patient ages. Finally, if the individual case requires it, a final touch up/cosmetic surgery may be needed to complete the entire process.

No matter what particular details and specifics may be involved in your case, it is definitely something that will not get better or easier by delaying it. Please get in touch with a member of our helpful staff at our office as soon as you can. The faster this issue is addressed the faster it can be resolved."
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