Treatment of Infections in the Oral and Facial Region

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digitally enhanced close up of a patient putting her hand up to her jawline where there is a red and swollen area that might be a sign of infectionInfections in the mouth, jaws, and facial bones require specialized medical care from oral surgeons to resolve issues and prevent their spread or recurrence. Whether treating occasional dental-related infections like abscesses or severe cases of osteomyelitis inflammation in the jawbone, prompt attention stands critical.

Common Causes of Oral Infections

Germs naturally live in our mouths, and they are usually harmless. However, tooth decay, gum disease, trauma from injuries, or issues like dry mouth or diabetes can disrupt the healthy bacterial balance. This allows infection-causing microbes to multiply and infect oral tissues or underlying bone, causing pain.

Diagnosing Infections Correctly

Oral surgeons carefully assess infection warning signs like swollen gum areas, loose teeth not from injury, non-healing mouth ulcers, wounds or sores, oozing pus, fever, and difficulty swallowing. After visual exams, imaging scans and lab cultures pinpoint the exact location of the infection and its cause for precise treatment planning.

Powerful Infection Treatments

Where antibiotics fail, oral surgeons surgically open infected zones to drain accumulations for culture analysis and infection source removal. They may scrape away diseased gum tissues or bone areas, extract affected teeth as infection sources, or cut small slits releasing trapped pus pockets. Patient healing is closely tracked until infection clearance and recovery occur.

Preventing Future Occurrence

Once eradicated through oral surgery, patients play a major role in minimizing repeat infections through diligent at-home oral hygiene and diet, diabetes control, and limiting smoking. Customized care plans help patients protect their oral health in the long term. Discuss prevention steps with your oral surgeon.

Seeking Specialized Care

Do not delay if unusual oral swelling, pain, or sores appear. Contact an oral surgeon promptly for assessment and precision treatment before the infection worsens or spreads. Combining surgical interventions and preventative care fosters sustained wellness.

This covers key aspects in resolving stubborn oral and facial infections: accurate diagnosis, strategic surgical treatment combining source removal and drainage, and individualized at-home prevention habits for sustained healing. Contact our oral surgeon promptly to determine the next steps if you experience unusual mouth symptoms.
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