How Do I Know If My Oral Surgery Is Healing?

Posted on 11/1/2023 by Weo Admin
happy male patient in the dental chair giving an 'okay' sign with his hand that he is healing from oral surgeryAfter oral surgery, you can tell whether the surgery site is healing or not. It is crucial to note that it's normal to experience discomfort and minor bleeding following oral surgery. However, the pain last only for a few hours. The following are signs to know if your oral surgery is healing properly:

Reduced Pain

You will gradually experience decreased pain at the oral surgery site during the healing process. This indicates that the healing process is progressing as expected. If the pain persists over time, ensure you consult our oral surgeon for further evaluation and guidance.

Reduced Swelling

After oral surgery, it is typical to experience swelling. But this should gradually subside as the healing process takes place. If the swelling increases with time, you might have an infection. In this case, make sure you seek advice from our oral surgeon. They will evaluate the situation and address concerns for proper healing and recovery.

Stopped Bleeding

Following oral surgery, it is common to experience some bleeding on the initial day. However, as the healing progresses, the bleeding should gradually diminish and eventually cease. If you notice that the bleeding becomes excessive, it is essential to contact our oral surgeon for further evaluation.

Change In Tissue Color

The tissues at the surgical site should undergo noticeable changes. The healing tissues will transition from a bright red or dark color to a more natural pink shade. Furthermore, as the healing progresses, the texture of the tissues should become smoother and more uniform.

Appropriate Wound Healing

You may have sutures or stitches that require monitoring based on your specific surgery. In the case of dissolvable stitches, they will gradually dissolve over time without the need for removal. But you must schedule a follow-up appointment for the removal of non-dissolvable stitches. This ensures proper healing and helps prevent any complications associated with stitches beyond the necessary timeframe.
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