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Posted on 10/15/2023 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
Red emergency sign at New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant SurgeryEmergency oral surgery is a procedure that is performed under urgent circumstances to address some oral health issues that need immediate attention. Dental emergencies may arise due to severe pain, trauma, or any condition that needs prompt intervention by an oral surgeon. Here are everyday situations that necessitate emergency oral surgery:

Tooth Trauma

Trauma to your teeth, such as severely cracked or fractured teeth, may necessitate emergency oral surgery. Your teeth may break during an accident such as a sports incident. Tooth trauma may cause severe pain; in some cases, teeth fragments can be swallowed and put you at risk. An oral surgeon will immediately extract the fragments of the tooth.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is the leading cause of emergency oral surgery. There are some cases when the pain is severe, especially after an infection or trauma. The pain is so severe that you cannot tolerate it. An oral surgeon will have to extract the affected teeth immediately. Tooth pain can also be caused by brackets or wires of traditional braces injuring your jawbones. Your oral surgeon must examine the braces and decide whether they need readjustment and rewiring. If left untreated, the wires and brackets can cause gums bleeding and pain when grinding and chewing food.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are common with your wisdom teeth. There are instances when your molars don't have sufficient space to develop. In such instances, they will cause swelling or pain that may disrupt oral habits. When the pain is excruciating, an oral surgeon will recommend immediate extraction.

Complications of Dental Implants

Sometimes, the dental implants may become loose and cause severe pain. You will need to visit your oral surgeon to reinsert your implant. If an oral surgeon suspects any signs of bone loss or gum disease, these conditions must be managed before reinserting the implants.
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