What is the Best Age for Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Posted on 6/19/2023 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
What is the Best Age for Corrective Jaw Surgery?Corrective jaw surgery helps to address irregularities of your jaw bones. The invasive method helps to realign your teeth and jaws and improves their function and appearance. Ultimately, people looking for better facial symmetry and appearance should consider this procedure. However, what is the best age for corrective jaw surgery?

Are There Age Limits for Jaw Surgery?

An oral surgeon will approve a psychologically and physiologically mature patient to undergo the operation. The patient must also be conscious of their deformity that needs correcting. Ideally, the best time to perform the surgery is when the jaw is completely grown in the late teenage years. For girls, the surgery can be done from 14-16 years, while for boys, 17-21 years. Most of these dentofacial deformities become apparent at this age.

Although the treatment is most recommended for people in their teenage or early adult years, it can also be conducted on adults of all ages. For older patients, the surgeon must be proactive to rule out any risk factors, such as medical conditions. The postoperative recovery might be prolonged compared to the younger patients. With adequate information on the benefits and associated risks of the surgery, even adults are ideal candidates for the procedure.

Other Factors that Surgeons Consider

Corrective jaw surgery has higher success rates in healthy patients. If you have underlying medical conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, a surgeon can rule you out as a good candidate. Such medical conditions can interfere with the healing process and must first be managed before the operation. For chronic smokers, you must be willing to quit before the surgery and the recovery period. Smoking can make you susceptible to various issues, such as infections and dry sockets. Discuss with your oral surgeon your options and find out if you are an ideal candidate.
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