What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Posted on 5/8/2023 by New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery
" What Is Nitrous Oxide?You may have heard of nitrous oxide just from movies or television comedy shows, but nitrous oxide is an excellent and efficient tool for your dental health. Nitrous oxide makes many dental procedures much easier to bear and may even allow you to undergo restorative procedures without fear.

The History of Nitrous

Scientists discovered nitrous oxide towards the end of the 18th century. Dentists used it as an anesthetic about 50 years after its discovery. Nitrous oxide doesn't have any taste or odor, and you can breathe it in through a mask. After inhaling nitrous oxide through a mask, you feel relaxed, calm, or even drowsy. Some people even take a nap while breathing in nitrous oxide. After the procedure is done, the dentist will turn off the gas. You will be back to your natural self in a few minutes. Usually, people who get nitrous oxide for a dental procedure can drive themselves home.

What Is Nitrous Oxide Used For?

Dentists frequently use nitrous oxide during procedures. Nitrous oxide can be used for patients who have a fear of dentists to relax them and make even routine procedures, such as teeth cleaning, easier to bear. Due to so many people- nearly ⅓ of American adults- having a fear of visiting the dentist, getting their teeth cleaned or a dental cavity fixed can be a real challenge. Nitrous oxide helps patients to feel calm and tranquil during the procedure.

In addition to alleviating people's fears of the dentist, you may need nitrous oxide to relax for the health of your teeth. Many dental procedures mean you need to be still to complete the surgery. If the patient is relaxed during surgery, their healing time will be shorter, and they'll recover more quickly. Nitrous oxide is a great tool in the arsenal of dentists. "
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